Friday, July 10, 2015

Valencia, Day Three

I spent most of the day wandering around in Doug's grandmother's old neighborhood, walking through part of the Jardines del Turia, and visiting some of the old town section of the city.  Most of these photos are of nothing in particular, just a bunch of pretty buildings I saw that show the beauty of the city.  I feel no need to be one of those scholarly tourist types because . . . I'm on vacation!!!

Beautiful Architecture

and palm trees

Valencia has some very wide boulevards and huge traffic circles.

In the Jardines del Turia with some of the towers from the old town section in the background.

Interesting trunks on these trees.

Roman ruins in the Jardins del Turia.  A river used to run through the center of the city and it flooded all the time and was a huge problem so they diverted it to a more convenient location and built these gardens the river had formerly been.

I'm probably not the only one who finds this amusing.

This is the Torres de Serranos, an ancient fortress on the north end of the old town area, near the Jardines del Turia.

The Valencia Flag

Fort carvings

Some views from the top of the fort

The next four photos are all in the same plaza where the Fountain "des Virgenes" is located.  There are four or five sidewalk restaurants there, the pink building above, the old cathedral, the fountain, and some orange and lemon trees.

Some more excellent graffiti.  Who knew I'd be seeing Gomez and Morticia today?

and this!

These flowers were EVERYWHERE!

Train station and bullfighting joint means that I'm almost back in "my" neighborhood.

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