Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow and Signs at Twilight

I got some interesting effects today taking pictures out of my car window in less than ideal light.  The tree in the top picture has pink branches which are probably a result of all the brake lights going down the hill.  I was sitting in a line of cars waiting to go up the hill on Randolph Road behind somebody who had gotten stuck, so I just rolled down my window and took a couple pictures of trees on the island next to me.

I used a flash on the one above.  It seems like the flash turned all of the snowflakes into white globs, although I'm pretty sure some of the snowflakes actually were white globs.

Keeping the twilight theme going here, I noticed that the local Chinese buffet here in Glenmont had a couple of letters missing from its sign.  Mayflow Buffet - It's both funny and slightly unappetizing, all at the same time.  But that doesn't seem to stop people from eating there.

I took the picture below about a year ago.  Would you shop at a department store named "Ears"?  I love signs with missing letters!

In other news, we had a recent resurgence of activity working on our house.  You can read all about it here.