Saturday, July 1, 2006

summer worries

We finally wrapped up the house plans with the architect after we got back from the tour and what I was afraid would happen did happen. Doug was too busy dealing with a bunch of idiotic crap on tour to notice that things were not going all that well with the plans.

I was worried during the entire tour that we basically couldn't afford all of the fancy and and unnecessary and weird things that Doug wanted - like 3 phase and radiant floor heat, to name just two. It is expensive to add a whole bunch of energy saving details all at once, even though it will be much better in the long run.

We might not even be able to afford the things I wanted, which were a screened in back porch, a separate bathtub, an efficient floor plan, and to have professionals (not us!) build it so that we could move back in as soon as possible. I really just want to get all of this behind me.

Anyway, the plans look fantastic but as I was dreading, both of us are now realizing that we won't be able to afford to have the design/build company finish the job. So now we have to buy the plans from them for extra money and figure out some other way to get it built. This disturbs me because we are just about back to square one - not knowing what we will do next. And anything that involves us doing even more of the work means that it will take forever.