Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006, Summarized

If 2005 was the strangest year on record, then 2006 has been the most miserable. At least now I can look forward to things definitely becoming better.

During the spring tour my husband was captured by aliens. That is a metaphor for the social climate that existed for us on tour this year. We did get a good set of house plans designed, but it was definitely a struggle to accomplish this while on the road.

We had a wonderful trip to England and Scotland and Wales. It was really nice to go on a trip where we were unencumbered by others.

When we came home for good we shovelled all of the remaining ashes out of our house (4 dumpsters worth) and watched it go away forever. That was depressing. What is left, which will eventually become our new house, still looks pretty pathetic.

In spite of all of the weirdness I was really sad that I could no longer do the tour. I miss the road life a lot. And I turned down three different ship gigs with excellent itineraries so that I could stay home and work on my house. The stuff we are doing right now is exhausting. It's been a rough year, that's for sure.