Monday, October 15, 2007

Yellowstone Videos

Yellowstone Park is an amazing place to visit. There is wildlife everywhere and it is pretty exciting to be able to get so close to all of it.

Here is a very short video of a peaceful waterfall at Lookout Point:

Here is a really good video similar to the ones I took, that I decided to put up here for comparison and entertainment value. The main differences between this one and mine are the much more skillful camera work, and a different family in the background. Click here:

These are some videos that I made of the very exciting encounters we had with some buffalo and a raven. Please be warned that I often regressed to my ten year old personality during this trip, stimulated somewhat by the presence of my parents, but mainly by my brother Kenneth. I haven't travelled with my family in years and had no idea this would happen to me. I really thought I had my "mature" demeanor under control - apparently not!!!

Buffalo Next to the Car

The Cawing Raven

More Buffalo Excitement!!!

You might want watch to the peaceful waterfall video again after all that.