Tuesday, March 23, 2010


That's what I am - completely and utterly swamped. I haven't been taking pictures and I haven't had any blog-worthy thoughts in ages. I've got a one track mind about getting back into our house at the end of the month, not that I'm anywhere near being ready, other than having been READY for about four years, and the only other thing I can fit in right now is music stuff, which I am always delighted to fit in at all times. My house blog is also in a state of extreme neglect at the moment.

Quite coincidentally, a swamp caught my eye recently. I've seen this swamp before - it's right near the intersection of Routes 198 and 32, a little bit east of Laurel, and it usually just looks kind of depressing. We were coming back from visiting a house that was built in the 1920s that friends of ours are planning to buy and fix up (their very first house) and since the swamp was looking a little more pleasant than usual that day I decided to take a few photos.

There were exactly two geese there. I think the Canadian geese are starting to be as plentiful as deer are around here these days, but they'll stake out their own personal pond (or swamp) if they can.

I soon started paying more attention to the jazzy reflections in the water than I did to the actual things making the reflections.

It's all upside down, kind of like my life has been for these last five years. That will be changing soon though. It's going to be rightside up from here on out and I can't wait!