Friday, July 17, 2015

Figueres and the Dali Museum

Our next flight was from Mallorca to Barcelona, where we would be heading back to the States from in a few days.  Between the two us we'd been to Barcelona about five other times in the past (only once together), so we decided to explore the area between Barcelona and France instead of staying in Barcelona again.
The city of Figueres seemed like a good central location for the various things we might want to see, so we booked an AirBnB room in a beautiful apartment that had underground parking right in the center of town.  A visit to the Salvador Dali Museum was the obvious thing to do first.  It was full of all kinds of weird and entertaining things, some of which are pictured below.


From a distance this painting looks like Abraham Lincoln, but here it is a picture of the backside of his wife, Gala.

Interestingly creative interior design - a Mae West inspired room which has a lip-shaped couch, a double fireplace that represents Mae West's nose, and paintings that only look like eyes from a distance.  I really can't remember what double purpose the hair serves.

Golden boogers, or the inside of her nose is on fire, I can't tell which.

Gala is now hidden within Abraham Lincoln's face.

  Those are flattened fancy chicken carcasses on the wall.  She's got some bread on her head.

The water dripping from the bottom of the boat is made from

This plaza is right outside the balcony of our apartment.

A local band playing music by Catalan composers and Catalan folk music.

Dancers in the square dancing the traditional Catalan dances.  It was a pretty amazing sight!

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