Saturday, July 18, 2015


For our first day of exploring around Figueres, we headed inland, toward the Pyrenees mountains, to the city of Olot.  The restaurant we were planning to go to wasn't open yet so we walked around and visited a grocery store which seem like it might be Olot's answer to Whole Foods.

In Europe they often prune the city trees, especially the sycamores, rather severely to keep them from spreading out too much, and to strengthen the trunks and branches.  It's interesting to see the long-term results of this on the large older trees.

Here are some young ones in the early stages of this pruning method.

I always thought that anchovies on pizza was a hideous idea, but it was the only reason I even knew what anchovies were, growing up. In Europe they serve them marinated in vinegar and olive oil and they taste fresh and delicious!

We got some fried ones, served with lemon, as an appetizer for our lunch in Olot.

La Quinta Justa was where we ate lunch.  They specialize in "volcanic cuisine" which means that the dirt that the local produce is grown in is extra-special because of its volcanic origins.  The food was all really delicious, but I'm not enough of a food connoisseur to be able to say for sure that it was because of the soil.  I think the chef was pretty good too.

Outdoor seating at La Quinta Justa

Beautiful sycamore-lined streets in Olot

Lots and lots of ham

Those pigs' feet are real.

A tear-down in downtown Olot

I wonder if they are planning to re-use that faucet?

Lots of interesting and colorful women walking around in Olot.

Smokey-eyed girls.

I like their clothes.

Window Shopping

Catalan flags everywhere.

A break-dancing competition!

Just admiring the architecture in the rest of these photos.

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