Thursday, October 15, 2009

like a deer in the headlights


They sure are pretty. But they don't respect me and they're not afraid of me or my car. They eat my apples and they sleep lying down right in the middle of my back yard at night. I don't know if you can make them out in the picture below, but there are two pairs of eyes there, glowing in the dark. If you click on the picture you'll see that they are relaxing in the grass. Don't bother getting up, it's just me flashing my camera at you in the dark. I hope I'll be able to grow something besides grass after I move back in. Sheesh!


Bowie Mike said...

I've seen deer in my backyard once in eight years, but there seems to be a ton more over in Montgomery County. I've even seen them in MoCo walking down a neighborhood street in the middle of the day.

LP said...

My sister has seen a deer at a bus stop in Adams Morgan twice. The same bus stop each time, if not the same deer.

I told her he was probably catching the C8 to come eat my hosta.

Cyndy said...

Mike - They're pretty fearless over hear,but that unfortunately means that
they are less cautious around cars.

Tom - HaHaHa! Yeah those DC deer are probably much more likely to use public transportation than the ones out here in the suburbs. You still have hosta? The deer found all of mine. Oh well.