Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall Flowers

The other day Doug ran out of gas right next to the Heyser Farms orchard way out here on New Hampshire Avenue in Cloverly. I was already working over at the house when he called, so I grabbed the gas can that I use for the lawn mower and went to rescue him. I've only ever driven by there before, but since I was parked there for a minute I decided to get a few shots.

It looks like they have a cutting garden in addition to some very loaded apple trees.

It also looks like they just dump their unsold produce into a compost pile of sorts. There was a very strong apple cider vinegar smell. If you click on the picture you'll see that there are all kinds of vegetables there in addition to the apples. It's a very colorful compost pile!

In other news, today is day six of thirteen straight days of gigs. I am very grateful to be working so much this month doing what I love, instead of working so much on the house . Well I'm still working on the house every day, so nevermind. Anyway, I'm happy to be employed. And we are making good progress over there right now. Slow, but good.


Bowie Mike said...

Nice pictures, as usual. I worked on a farm for four years as a teenager, and your compost shot reminded me a bit of how things used to look around the farm in the fall - except there were more damaged pumpkins and squash. It also reminded me of the rotten tomato fights that we teenagers used to have in the fields.

Barbara said...

If you and Doug survive this house project without killing each other, you are good to go for life! I'll bet just the idea of a fire sends chills down your spine.

Cyndy said...

Mike - That's cool that you worked on a farm. I always thought that would be interesting, especially after a friend of mine moved to Peoria,IL and got a job de-tassling corn. I had a paper route, but the corn sounded like more fun to me at the time.

Barbara - I've moved from a state of dread about the eventual outcome of this ridiculously ambitious project to one of stoic optimism. My patience has definitely been tested along the way and I am eager to get my life back on track, one way or another. And yes, Doug and I continue to be good to go for life.

rachaelgking said...

Employed is a great thing. Glad you're enjoying it!

Cyndy said...

Lilu - It would be difficult to not enjoy playing the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I think the staged version might be even more fun than the movie. And there's another production of it happening nearby later this month where I'll actually be able to sit in the audience and participate that way. It's been a while since I've done the Rocky Horror thing.