Monday, July 20, 2015

Last Day: back to Cadaques and the Salvador Dali House

Doug dug the Salvador Dali Museum so much that he wanted to also see the Salvador Dali House.  So back to Cadaques we went.  But first we did some shopping in downtown Figueres.  We both bought some shoes and some ice cream.

Driving past Cadaques to the Salvador Dali House on the north side of town.

The house was whimsically decorated with all sorts of strange and unusual items

The house next door

Salvador Dali paints a painting of himself painting, using a mirror.

Some of the outside areas were gorgeous.


The guy definitely had a sense of humor as part of his artistic vision.

A giant teacup planter
He was apparently very proud to have invented the Michelin Man.

All seating must be shaped like lips, that's the rule.

Swans Squirting


A view from the upper terrace

Eggs Everywhere in Salvador Dali Land.

He's got a giant robot carcass made out of rocks, clay pots, an old boat, and driftwood decomposing in his backyard.
Doug found a friend.

On the way back to Figueres we decided to check out Roses, which is the next town south of Cadaques.  This view of the town of Roses is from up on a mountain overlooking Roses from the north.
One last walk around downtown Figueres to admire the buildings and the graffiti.  Tomorrow we fly back to DC.


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