Friday, July 1, 2011


Hello Blog....Have you missed me? I'm not sure why I've been so neglectful of you lately. I still spend time reading and commenting on other people's blogs but I've totally ignored my own. I'm so sorry. I'm going to try to make it up to you by posting every single day this month. If not here, then on the other one. We'll see how that goes, but so far I'm one for one. The topic for today is WEEDS. My level of involvement with weeds has been fairly high recently. I know what you're thinking - hahaha - but no such luck. I just write that way. I've been pulling a lot of weeds.

In 2007 we planted a whole bunch of liriope in our front yard in the areas that were too hilly to mow. It was a huge quantity, much more than I would have planted if I'd had my way. I was out of town when Doug took it upon himself to order 2500 little plants. 2500! Planting all of those was a miserable and exhausting experience, let me tell you. And I ended up with carpal tunnel syndrome thanks to that. After that the front yard got torn up a few more times for various installations and each time I had to spread more grass seed, a bunch of it would always blow into the liriope. It was a mess and I have been looking the other way until this spring when I decided this would be the year to help the liriope do what it's supposed to do - spread like crazy and choke out everything else. So far that has not happened due to my neglect. But this year I am going to make it my mission to get that damn liriope looking the way it should.  Here's what I've done so far:

See that one in the picture below that looks like a liriope on steroids?  It's actually a little piece of an iris that survived the fire and the subsequent demolition of our house.  It's been hiding in the dirt all this time.  I'm going to leave it there for sentimental reasons.  A long time ago my friend JoAnn gave me a bunch of irises that she had pulled from her garden.  They did so well that I ended up with a whole bed of them.  When it came time for us to tear down our house I pulled them all up and gave some to the neighbors and some back to JoAnn.   I thought they were gone for good so it makes me very happy to see that one of them is still around.  And the fact that it looks like a giant liriope amuses me to no end.

The weeds on the hill next to our neighbor's fence are completely out of control.  It is going to take me weeks to pull all of them out, and I am not looking forward to it.  It kills my hands.  Right now I'm taking a break to let them recover.

Two weeks later they were all in bloom.  They look kind of pretty now.  Maybe I should just leave them as they are.  But there's liriope under there!  About half of the 2500 plants are next to that fence.  I do not want to have gotten carpel tunnel syndrome for nothing, so I'm going to go after them soon.

Speaking of weeds, this is what is growing in the traffic island directly in front of my driveway.  As weeds go, they are rather pretty, don't you think?  Perhaps I should start calling them wildflowers from now on.


Bowie Mike said...

Although I haven't posted much on my blog recently either, this video might be appropriate.

I spent a day off of work last week weeding and doing general yard work. I didn't get to everything. I did come across a bunch of tiny praying mantises.

Kristin said...

I have missed your words and pictures, but it seems like you've been very busy with life itself. A wonderful thing. More wonderful than weeds.

Cyndy said...

Bowie Mike - Awww...thanks for the welcome back video!

Talking about the praying mantises reminds me that what I ran into when I was weeding was a whole lot of teeny-tiny crickets. They were unbelieveably small.

Kristin - I haven't missed my words and pictures that much because enjoy reading other people's blogs more than I do writing my own. But that's not really fair, so I'm going to try to get back to it. My very favorite blogs are the ones that have daily posts, like yours, so I'm using that as my reactivation inspiration.