Monday, October 19, 2009

while the cat's away.....

Cyndy will play..... this time with power tools! (cross-posted at foamcorefantasy)Usually I avoid these things like the plague because they can be very dangerous to your hands and I need my hands. But I decided to save a whole lot of decision-making time by constructing a few mockups of potential moulding for our kitchen cabinets.

We were planning to use a copy of the original crown moulding from our old house to go around the tops of all the cabinets. Doug really want to use it in the kitchen for sentimental reasons. But the other day, he got started putting it up and we realized it didn't look good because the recessed lights cause the moulding to completely cast a shadow upon itself. So we'll just use it somewhere else instead. There are plenty of places it could go.

I remembered the experience with making the vent pipe covering and decided to get things moving by doing a sample of what I had in mind myself. That way when Doug gets back from his trip it won't take as long to get it done because all of the discussions will have already taken place.

My original idea was just to use a piece of half-round. It would look neat and clean and simple. But the sizes I bought were not big enough to look right so I ended up splitting a wooden closet rod in half. That one was so easy to make that I decided to get fancy and play around with the other sizes of half round. The second one I made is a flat trim board with small half-round beads on the top and bottom. Then just for laughs, I made another one that was three pieces of half-round attached to a trim board.

After the glue was dry I cut them with the miter saw and glued the two mitered ends together on each one. I couldn't find the staple gun or the finish nailer so I just used glue to put them together. I primed and painted them last night and this morning I put them up to see how they'd look.






#3 - that's just silly!

#2 on the left, #1 on the right

different angle - #2 on the left, #1 on the right
When I first made #3 I was laughing because I thought it looked like Lincoln Logs, if you're old enough to know what I'm talking about. Then yesterday as I was driving home from my gig, I saw this and it just made me feel like mocking #3 even more.

If you think they all look bad, please don't hesitate to tell me, because the other option is to go with no trim at all. Except that then the stupid outlets for Doug's recessed rope lighting will show.


Malnurtured Snay said...

I like numbers 1 and 2.

Kristin said...

I really like #2. Though, I have no idea how you did it. Even with the right tools, I'd look like I was playing with Lincoln Logs and end up without a thumb. I need my thumb. Both of them really.

Bowie Mike said...

I don't dislike #3, but I think it's too busy or too detailed to match the rest of the cabinets. What I think might look best is if you took #2, and used a lower profile half-round, although the current size you have will work. I think #1 will look fine, but if you put it up, you'll always wonder whether or not you should have done #2.

BTW, did your Internet come back up, or are you listening to old folk conversations at Panera?

Cyndy said...

Snay - me too!

Kristin - I like #2 too, although #1 was easier to make. I used power tools for cutting - a rotary hand saw, a table saw, and a miter saw, and then I put everything together using Gorilla Glue which I figured would be safer. The joke around here is that Doug could survive losing a finger or two because he plays trombone.

Mike - yep, still at Panera. I was thinking the same thing - a smaller bead and maybe also a shorter height. Kind of like the window frames only a little bigger with a more pronounced profile. I'm going to stare at both of them for a few more days and then maybe I'll make a new #2. That sounded funny.

Barbara said...

I like #1 the best because it it the simplest. I'm sure you will learn to love whatever you choose.