Thursday, December 11, 2008

a little bit sad it's almost over

School is winding down now. My classes are finished and all I have left is giving the final exam, which I've already finished writing, to my improv class next Monday. Once I finish grading the projects and the exams I'll be done. I loved teaching this course and I'm actually going to miss it next semester in spite of how much work it was to prepare for it each week. It's nerve-wracking to do something like this for the first time but I really enjoyed organizing the material into a semester long program and planning all of the various activities that would reinforce the stuff that I presented. The students seemed to think that it was challenging but fun and they all made good progress. It was a very satisfying experience and I'm glad I had the opportunity to teach it.

We are going to be working like crazy on our house for the next six weeks because Doug thinks we can have it finished by the final inspection deadline. I've fallen for that kind of talk before. We'll see....

This weekend I've got a gig in Atlantic City with an all girl band called the "Swingettes." I'm carpooling up with a friend from here and we will be playing with other people we know from NYC and Philadelphia. That should be fun. Except that I've got a Messiah rehearsal the next morning that I have to rush home for, and it's on Kent Island. And then there's the rest of the weekend. It's fun to be busy with non-construction type activities though. My hands like that a lot.


Kristin said...

You always have so much on your plate, even if one thing's ending. Have fun this weekend and good luck with the house rush.

rachaelgking said...

I've always wanted to go to Atlantic City, but never made it. It seems like it'd be such a campy, tacky good time!

Barbara said...

Is your foot fully recovered? Maybe you should consider teaching on a more permanent basis if you enjoy it so much. It sounds like you had a really good experience.

Cyndy said...

Thanks for the comments! The Atlantic City trip was fun but extremely quick. I'll have a few examples of New Jersey at it's finest up here soon. I took a walk - my foot is much better but not perfect so I'm going to have to do something about that soon. I plan to resume teaching at some point in the future. The final exam is today and then I've got six weeks to focus completely on the house. Whew and Yaay!

Cyndy said...

That's "its" not "it's." I do know the difference.
Although I think in the olden days all of the its' and it's' or itses and it'ses were "it's." Am I mistaken?
Oh Tom - What does Turabian have to say about this?
Okay, I'll go crawl back under my rock now. Sheetrock, that is.

LP said...

I had to explain "it's" and "its" to my class the other day. I ended up giving them some example like, "It's not its fault if it's confusing." I like to do things like that to them.

Here's what Paul Brians has to say about it:

Although, to keep in the spirit of things, perhaps I should say, "Hear's what Paul Brians has to say about it." Or something like that. Not sure about Turabian. Too lazy to go downstairs and look.

I also had to explain that "CD's" and "1960's" don't require apostrophes. What's with that, anyway? Why is this country mad for apostrophes?

Hooray you're done with your class! Surprisingly enough only 1/3 of my class opted for the early final. Even though I have to give the exam to the rest of them next week I'm glad to be done with the actual class portion of the thing. I NEED A BREAK.

How was the Eastern shore? SJMO pretty good, but Sunday - oy vey.