Friday, September 5, 2008

Kind of in a lull right now....

I think I've been bored with blogging. I'm still reading all my favorites, but I'm kind of bored with myself and I don't really have much to say.

Last Friday was my three week anniversary of having a broken foot. So I only have 3-5 more weeks of wearing this damn cast. Then hopefully I'll be able to walk like a normal person again and do the things I need to do like work on the house and mow the grass. I know that there are plenty of people out there who are far worse off than I am, but that just makes me feel even worse about feeling so sorry for myself.

We cancelled our little three day trip to the beach because I can't walk on sand in this condition. We don't have a couch or any comfortable chairs, or even a TV in our rental house, so I decided to accompany Doug the following week on his trip to NY. That way I could rest my foot all day long, get a whole bunch of TV watching out of my system, and practice bass in the, believe it or not, more pleasant environment of the Microtel.

On the way up we got off at Exit 4 on the turnpike so that Doug would have a chance to experience Forno Pizzaria and Grille which I had stumbled upon with some friends a few weeks ago coming home from NYC. We were looking for something better than rest stop food and boy did we find it! Their pizza is amazing and the gelato is out of this world. The people behind the counter speak Italian to one another. It's as good as anything I've had in NYC or even Italy for that matter.

So my foot feels much better now. It was not getting the rest it needed before. Since I was already most of the way there, I drove up to Connecticut one day to visit my roommate from college who had been residing at Yale University Hospital for the past three weeks. Jennifer is my hero. She is amazing, and she is totally going to recover from her stem cell transplant and get back to teaching soon. But she has to work really hard to get her strength back and get her health restored. What in the world am I complaining about with my poor little foot? Anyway, she is going to get better because we have plans to go to our college reunion next spring and to the bass convention next summer. The opportunity to visit Jennifer again was the real reason I went on this trip. I'm so glad I was able to make it up there.

For the past few years Doug has gone up to an Labor Day weekend event known as the Honda S600 Gathering. The S600 was in production for a few years, from the mid-1960s through the early 70s. Jay Leno has one of these vintage cars in his collection and he has on occasion had Brian Baker, the founder of the Honda Gathering, come out to LA to work on his car. Doug also has two of these cars that he hopes to finish restoring one day. He has a bunch of the other early pre-Civic Hondas too. None of them run. He used to supplement his income working on these cars back when people actually drove them.

This is Doug and his new project
(as if he needs a new New York no less)

This video shows Brian Baker and a fan driving off in his meticulously restored Honda S600.


Mo said...

You're back! I was missing your blog something fierce...

I'm sorry to hear you're having a hard time with your foot--I can only imagine how maddening that would be--but I'm glad you got to take a little trip and see your friend to boot.

Welcome back to the blogosphere :)

Barbara said...

I've been checking in regularly wondering if you were ever going to write anything after the blueberries. Glad you're back.

I'm so surprised to learn that you came to the bass so late in life! I suppose playing the piano is good training for taking up any other instrument. At least you can haul your bass around more easily than a piano.

I'm intrigued with the pizza place, having recently been reminded about how good pizza can be. I just don't know why no one here can make it taste like that.

Sounds like a good trip to NY. Loved the car pics.

Scenic Wheaton said...

I hope both your foot and your friend at Yale are feeling better! But speaking of pizza...have you tried Vace's in D.C.? Take out only. Limp on over.

Cyndy said...

Thanks for the well wishes!

Mo - to boot! Ha Ha Ha. Yes, I wore my boot/cast when I visited her.

Barbara - Yes, better late than never. And to prove that, I've just started going back to grad school.

Scenic - I'll have to give Vace's a try. I hope the barking daschunds on the car video didn't give you flashbacks!