Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Burtonsville Fire Department Carnival

It's still summer! Since we are currently living in the extreme outer boondocks of Silver Spring, Doug thought it would be fun to attend the local fire department's annual summer carnival tonight. We had a blast! There weren't too many people there and it wasn't too large of an area for me to drag my foot around. We ate corn dogs. We rode the rides. We like rides.

My favorite was the kiddie bumper cars. I was so happy that all of the children I gleefully smashed into understood that it was all in fun. They smashed back. Sometimes the kids doing bumper cars get scared from all the mean driving, especially when it is done by big scary adults. But these kids squealed with laughter when the crazy lady came barreling towards them. Sometimes it's fun to pretend you're ten years old. Doug and I had a couple of nice head-on collisions as well.

For 18 bucks you can get a pass for unlimited rides for the entire day and it benefits the Burtonsville Fire Department. As both of us well know, fire departments are important and deserve our donations. And what this carnival lacks in sophistication, it more than makes up for in cuteness.

That's Brandi serving up those corn dogs. She says "hon".... a lot!

Funnel Cakes and Cotton Candy!

(and no, that's not me - she's a "carnie")
Also, I just ate the most amazingly delicious peach. It came from O'Keefe Orchards way out on New Hampshire Avenue in Cloverly. The O'Keefe family has been growing fruit there for 67 years.

So it's not all bad living this far out of town. You just have to find the fun!


Barbara said...

How COOL! There's nothing like bumper cars for legitimately getting out your aggression. It seems like you are coping pretty well with your bum foot.

Cyndy said...

My foot is feeling MUCH better and it's a million times easier to walk in this cast now than it was at first.

Mo said...

I haven't been to a carnival in ages! Oh man, I would give anything for a funnel cake right now.

I'm glad you're able to have some fun even with that pesky foot--have a great weekend!

rachaelgking said...

You're totally making me miss the NC State Fair! Fried snickers bars, anyone? (I kid not)

Cyndy said...

Oh no! Fried Snickers!!! That sounds amazing! Or amazingly gross - I can't decide...Did you ever have one?