Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beautiful Day

Wasn't the weather today just perfect? We were putting up siding and it just felt great to be outside all day long. Look what we did. The front is well underway.

The clouds today were amazing.

And here's a little backyard rabbit action.

We worked until 8:30 and then went to see "Bottle Shock" at Bethesda Row. Delightful movie. Very tired now. Must sleep. More siding tomorrow, then a gig.


Barbara said...

I'm always so amazed when people can do things like siding themselves!

The cloud pics and bunny video are great. I have a hard time eating rabbit because they are so cute!

Mo said...

Aww...the rabbit's adorable. I used to have a bunny named Scooter, but now I have to live vicariously through the wild rabbits in the neighborhood ;)

Kudos to you for doing the siding yourself--it looks great!

Cyndy said...

Thanks you guys! The siding is actually kind of fun to put up. It reminds me of sewing in a way. You have to match the horizontal lines and cut things to fit, but it goes on with nails instead of a needle and thread. It's also kind of like Legos because of the way the sections snap together.

Kellyann Brown said...

The other night, we were driving home late...and there in our neighbor's yard was THE biggest white rabbit I have ever seen... We both looked at the rabbit and it looked at us for a good five minutes, then Mr. R. cracked a joke about rabbit stew and it took off like a shot!

Cyndy said...

A white rabbit! It must have been someone's pet on the loose. I hope it found it's way home.