Monday, August 4, 2008


On Friday we took the day off to celebrate passing our inspection and headed down to the beach for the day. I love Assateague because it is usually uncrowded, the scenery is beautiful, and it's fun to see the horses.

Unfortunately there a ton of flies, more than I've ever seen down there, and they were biting. We ended up spending the whole time in the water, which was actually an excellent way to spend the day.

Assateague is a very narrow island.

The flies were driving the horses crazy too!!!

The sea gulls were handling it okay though.

On the way home we did our usual stops for crab cake sandwiches at the Assateague Market, and eastern shore veggies and goat feeding at Wright's Market. We picked up a few bargains at the outlet mall in Queenstown and headed across the Bay Bridge. The sky looked like a giant crab crossed with a bat.

There is two-way traffic on the Westbound span on Friday nights.

The End


Barbara said...

I love Assateague too. Great photos. What a nice way to celebrate a house milestone.

Janelle said...

love your blog! wasn;t there a book called Misty of Chingoteague? is that the same place or nearby or? i loved that book when i was growing up...and love the fact you're a bass player...whew! XX janelle

Cyndy said...

Chincoteague is the same town that was in the book. It is just south of Assateague, and is separated from Assateague by a small channel. Every year they have a roundup where they herd the ponies across the channel and auction some of them off to raise money for the fire department. Two days later the remaining horses go back to Assateague. It was really cool to finally visit Chincoteague a few years back. I kept hoping I'd see "Misty" or some of her descendants and I think I probably did!

It is kind of exotic for us city/suburban folks to see wild ponies running around at the beach, but that is nothing compared to what you must see every day in Tanzania!

Mo said...

Wow, looks like quite the amazing day! Well...minus that whole attack of the flies bit.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Beautiful pictures!

Janelle - I remember that book too.