Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dupont Circle

I have been seeing way too much of this image recently. We have nearly finished covering our house with Tyvek this week. Then we can finally put up the siding and Foam Core Fantasy will finally begin to look like a real house that might one day actually be finished.



Mo said...

I remember one year when my mom was refinishing our apartment using this product called Peel Away. Ten years later, and that logo stillhaunts me.

Barbara said...

I'm still amazed you're doing this whole thing yourselves. I'll bet you have learned a lot!

Cyndy said...

Hey Mo, I remember seeing ads for Peel Away in the Old House Journal with the super slanty letters. It turns old paint into sludge so that you don't inhale lead dust.

Barbara, I have learned more about housebuilding than I ever wanted to. We did get an electrician and a plumber - we aren't completely foolhardy. The really fabulous news is that we passed our big inspection today.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

When I first moved to DC with my family, we lived in Dupont Circle (or above it in Kalorama). I think we were there about 8 years. Whenever I see that logo - I think of all of the time I spent wandering around that neighborhood, the way that only 10 year olds pre-1990 could! Not sure when it started being not okay to let your child roam city streets unaccompanied - but I'm glad I had that freedom (of course - MY children NEVER will!)

Cyndy said...

I lived on Connecticut Avenue a little north of Calvert Street for the first two years of my life and then we moved out to Kensington. But my grandmother stayed in her apartment up by the Zoo for most of the rest of her life so we were down there a lot.
I still get a deja vu kind of feeling whenever I'm on that stretch of road even though I was so young when we left. As a child I always wished I could live back in DC because the suburbs just felt too tame and boring for the likes of me. But now even the suburbs aren't as safe as the city used to be. And I would imagine that having kids would definitely influence your perspective on that - I know it would for me.