Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Bridges of Madison County

On the way to Des Moine from Clarinda I drove through Madison County which is famous for its covered bridges and for being the birthplace of John Wayne. I made some videos during the drive:

This is an example of a divided highway in Iowa. They just use clods of sod in the middle of the road - so practical!

Here you get to have an actual behind-the-wheel experience driving through one of the famous Bridges of Madison County.

And here are some additional photos from my trip that day, including horses of all sizes:

John Wayne's Birthplace in Winterset, Iowa

Additional Covered Bridges

And some cows.....


Kellyann Brown said...

LOVE your pictures of the bridges...
I had a friend in Winterset a million years ago... now I know what her area looks like, thanks

Cyndy said...

Thanks kellyann! I'm glad I had a little extra time. I just happened to see the sign from the highway and decided to check it out. I had forgotten that those bridges were in Iowa.