Sunday, March 18, 2007

Love Springs Forth From the Ashes

One of the truly wonderful outcomes of our fire is that our roommate John got a life, so to speak, and then proceeded to meet the love of his life. And then he married her! John was the best roommate ever. He had lived with us since 1985 when we bought our house.

John was intelligent, witty, friendly, and very quiet. It was great having him there. He took care of the cats and the mail when we were on the road. He would even periodically raise his own rent! He had millions of books, magazines, CDs, and other things and nearly everything he owned was destroyed in the fire. But according to various sources, this experience caused him to enter a new phase where he suddenly felt free of the shackles of all of his possessions. He seemed to have a new lease on life and soon after that he began dating Stefanie. They got married today and will soon be taking a fabulous honeymoon in Hawaii.

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