Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Alaro to Valdemossa, Mallorca

Since we had a rental car in Mallorca it made sense to do as much driving around the island as possible in the three days we had.  On our first full day there, we headed west on the most winding and twisty road we could find, heading to the middle of the west coast, and then driving south along the coast.

Leaving Alaro behind for the day
This butte to the northwest was always in view in Alaro

One of the first towns we came to was Bunyola
The beach at Port de Soller

Looking across to the harbor area from the beach at Port de Soller

The next series of photos shows the beautiful roadside scenes we passed on the way to our next stop in Valdemossa.

Valdemossa is where George Sand took Frederic Chopin to get some relief from his tuberculosis.  They stayed in a suite in the monastery there.  George was apparently not aware of the harsh weather this area experiences in the wintertime when she decide that they should spend the winter there.  Unfortunately Chopin's health did not improve.

A view of the monastery from across the valley.

Need to finish my ice cream cone before we can go in.

Beautiful ceiling in the chapel

Fancy tiles on the floor
Look who it is! Hello George.

It's Fred and George!

Like me, George enjoys wearing her fingerless gloves.

Interesting makeup - can't tell whether those dark circles are natural or if she's going for the "smokey eye" look. 

Chopin has huge hands!  Look at those fingers!
Back in the olden days all the medicines were herbal.

I really like this door,

and these wall decorations,

and this beautiful sycamore tree.

Some locally made plates

"The monks..... diet consisted mainly of vegetables, milk products, fish, a little bread, and wine mixed with water.  They never ate meat.... Thanks to this severe and healthy diet the longevity of the Carthusian monks was proverbial."

I wish I had my very own orange tree outside.

Out on their private terrace.

A very old olive tree

They have deer in Mallorca too.

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