Sunday, July 31, 2011


Well I made it through my month of daily postings, or daily drivel if you will.  I have two blogs so if I didn't post here then I put something over on the house blog every single day this month.  The latest exciting news over at at the house blog is that we now have gutters on our house.

Anyway, here are my conclusions from this little exercise that I gave myself for the month of July:

  1. Yaaay!  I don't have to do it anymore!
  2. I'm glad I did it and it feels good to see a goal through to completion.
  3. I don't know how you daily bloggers do it year after year.
  4. I'm not sure, but I think that blogging might have just been a temporary hobby for me to amuse myself during a certain phase of my existence.
  5. That phase definitely seems to be over but I might not be be done with blogging just yet.
  6. I still enjoy reading other people's blogs more than I do writing my own.
  7. Goals are good.
  8. Life is good!


lacochran's evil twin said...

WOOT! You set out to do it and you did it!

Cyndy said...

YAAY ME! Thanks LA! Or should I say ET?

Barbara said...

Good for you! I no longer understand how I could have written every day all those years. I seem to have so little to talk about these days.

I will miss your daily posting, but I know how demanding it is.

Cyndy said...

Hi Barbara - As you well know, you were one of my daily reads until you stopped writing every day. I think daily blogging serves different purposes for different people - it can be a meditation, a Dear Diary, or a personal history. I don't feel any real need to do it for any of those reasons, so I'll just continue to entertain myself (and sometimes others) with frivolity and fun whenever the mood happens to strike and that'll be that.

Kristin said...

I'm a terrible commenter and seem to lose time on a regular basis, but I always enjoy reading whatever you post, whenever you post it. The daily bits were nice, but it is a lot of work, eh? There's so much life to live!

Cyndy said...

No commenter is a terrible commenter...unless they say something terrible! It IS a lot of work to post daily and I admire you for that.