Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gnatfest 2011

Has anyone else noticed the huge quantities of gnats that have been hovering around everywhere this summer?  I can't remember when they were as bad as they've been this year, especially around the end of June and the first part of July.  When the weather got a little drier last week, they were suddenly gone.  But today they were definitely back, aggressively swirling around my face, hoping I would open my mouth so they could fly on in.  It is extremely annoying when that happens!

It's kind of weird to think about the fact that when the outside air temperature gets as high as it was today and will be through the weekend, the various entry points such as the mouth, nose, and ears probably seem like a delightfully cool dark cave for those gnats so of course they are going to fly on in.

And that's as deep as it's going to get today.  My mind has been dulled by endless weeding and my main area of focus today, besides weeding and putting down mulch, was to not let any gnats fly into my mouth.

Hey - that last sentence just reminded me of my very favorite line from the Pirates of Penzance:

My mind has long been gnawed by the cankering tooth of mystery.

I love that sentence, but why in the world did I think about that just then?  Maybe I was hoping I wouldn't get gnawed by gnats and that caused it to suddenly pop out from one of the reserves deep in my brain.  Or maybe I've suffered brain damage due to heat stroke or dehydration.  And with that thought I bid you gnighty gnight.

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