Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another Trip to the Beach

One of my goals for this summer is to get down to the beach for at least one day each month.  So far I've made it down there in June and I've got days already scheduled for July and August, so it's promising to be a great summer.  It's been excellent so far.

Every couple of years there is a new "thing" that is sold or displayed at the various roadside stands along the way.  For a long time it was huge quantities of very life-like plastic Canadian geese.  The new thing this year seems to be these wooden eagles in a nest.  We saw them displayed a couple of different places on the way down.  Aren't they cute?

I bought my season pass to Assateague.  They got all decorative with the card this year.

It was kind of a hazy day, but the air temperature and the water temperature were both perfect.

On the way out we saw some horses in the distance:

And up close.

There was a giant crab-shaped cloud looming in the sky which somehow caused us to not be in the mood for crabcake sandwiches this time.

It looks like the front porch fell off the chia house sometime over the winter.

We stopped at Darnell's Grille in Easton for rockfish and fried chicken.

And we finally got to the Bay Bridge right around sunset.  How do like those cracks in my windshield?


Barbara said...

I love Assateague. Sounds like the perfect beach-y getaway.

Cyndy said...

It was perfect and I need to do it again soon!