Friday, November 12, 2010

Fall at the Falls

It was a beautiful fall day and a quick little getaway was in order so we went out to Great Falls, MD. I hadn't been there for at least ten years, but it was at least as beautiful as I remembered it from the last time.

On the Maryland side you have to stroll along the C&O canal towpath to get to the walkway for the falls.

This is a little stream that runs between the canal and the Potomac. It was doing a lovely job reflecting the gorgeous blue sky.

"Leaflets three - leave them be." The poison ivy poem.

Here's the first section that we came to. A sort of narrow gorge.

This is the main part of the falls. Great Falls covers a very wide and rocky section of the river.

Great Falls, VA. I looked at the falls from over there this past spring. I think the main part looks prettier from the Virginia side, but the walk to the falls is nicer on the Maryland side and you can get much closer to them.


suicide_blond said...

ahhh i neeeed to get out there...soon... xoxo

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Beautiful! We have avoided places like this since the twins started walking and all three children would run in different directions. But they're getting older...maybe this Fall we can make it happen.

Barbara said...

I'm overdue for a trip to Great Falls. Thanks for the beautiful reminder!

Cyndy said...

S.B. - I highly recommend it. I don't know why gazing at violently swirling water makes me feel so peaceful, but it does.

Kate - I know the Virginia side is closer for you, but the Maryland side has walkways with sides so it might be easier to keep them close at hand - if they don't fall into the canal on the way to the walkway. I'm kidding! The Virginia side has bigger rocks to climb. They are both fun in different ways.

Barbara - It's worth the trip! There's more walking on the Maryland side, but it's a little flatter and easier to get to a good view of the falls than it is on the VA side, but I think the over all view is better over there.