Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm Not Really a Blogger...

There's a nail polish that I wore as part of my getup for the tour I used to do called "I'm Not Really a Waitress." It's an excellent shade of red if you're into that sort of thing. And the name of the color made it more fun to wear somehow. It still amuses me.

I've been trying to figure out why I haven't gotten around to blogging in over a month. I've been busy but not ridiculously so. Well relatively speaking anyway. When I've had free time I've done other things. My brain has been in a different place since I moved back into my house. At least part of my existence is now back to where it should be.

I wasn't a blogger before the fire - in fact I didn't even know what blogging was when I started writing my first posts on the bus back in 2005. I wrote about the fire and its aftermath, put up a bunch of pictures from my three month cruise gig in Europe, wrote about the road gig, used it a little bit to observe how I felt about some of the post fire crap, and then it kind of became a little cheering myself up device, with pretty pictures and random little observations. I needed cheering up because for five years I was trapped in the limbo of our house situation and not particularly happy (rather horrified actually) about the way things were playing out. It was a rather miserable and bleak existence over all. So blogging for me was kind of an escape from all of that.

Now we're finally back in our house - well not completely, but at least we're living there. It feels great to be back. I've always felt some kind of connection with this particular spot. My sense of direction is based here. And there's just something that just feels right about living in the same location where I cut the grass.

Since moving back in we've done very little work on the house which has been wonderful from a labor and dirt perspective although as a person who likes to see things through to completion, it's been a little frustrating and discouraging. But it is so much nicer than it was before so I'll take that. And immediately after we moved back in the gigging started to suddenly pick up a lot, so that was excellent timing.

The only thing missing for me is travelling. I really want to get back to doing ships and/or a road gig. I've had to turn down a number of ship gig offers with really nice itineraries over the past four years and that just sucks. But after we tie up a few final loose ends I'll be free to do that once again. I can't wait!

If I'm going continue to do this blogging thing I'll have to find a different reason to do it. It's kind of nice to not need it to serve as an escape from my miserable existence any longer, hahaha. I know - it'll be the icing on the cake of my happy existence from now on. Or maybe the sprinkles. So if I don't post, it's because I'm on a diet.

So that's enough of that - now back to the usual fare. Yesterday when I was cutting the grass I noticed that one of our magnolia bushes has two random blooms on it, and they are much brighter and darker than what this bush usually puts out in the spring.

And then a tiny baby bunny hopped out from UNDER the mower just in the nick of time. It freaked me out even though it happens all the time, especially when the grass gets long. This one is the smallest I've ever seen. Look how short his little ears are! I turned off the mower and spent a little quiet time sitting there with him while I took his picture. I hope he didn't mind.

(he's hiding)


Barbara said...

You're an avid reader even if you're not a writer. That seems to be what you do in the middle of the night.

My shad tree suddenly has random beautiful flowers once again. It's never bloomed after the spring before. What's up with these prolific trees this year?

That is one adorable little bunny. I'm so glad you didn't hit him with the mower. That would have been a bleak scene.

I was afraid for a minute you were shutting down your blog. Glad you're sticking around.

lacochran's evil twin said...


LP said...

Baby bunny! Hooray!

MyCatTom aka Tom Rabbit aka Bunny

Kristin said...

I think my favorite bloggers are the accidental sort, the ones who didn't intend to get into this at all. I'm happy to read your words and see your gorgeous pictures whenever you want to post them.

Cyndy said...

Barbara - yeah I've always been much more of a reader than a writer. I find other people's thoughts to be much more interesting than my own.

I think the huge ground soaking snows from this past winter have done some really nice things for the various plants and trees that made it through unscathed.

LET & MCT: Yes, Baby Bunny very cute! Both kinds of bunny.

Kristin: Aw gee-shucks-thanks! My favorite thing actually is reading the posts of my favorite daily bloggers - well really all types of bloggers, but especially the daily ones, like yours.

Washington Cube said...

I used to see wild hares in my yard, but not in ages. My friend in Annapolis still gets them nightly. OPI Waitress is a classic. A nice red. You should be wearing it this weekend for the Fourth.

Cyndy said...

Cube - Sadly, my nails spent were adorned with Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo in "Sand Dollar" for most of this past weekend. Maybe next year - or next weekend!

Bowie Mike said...

Cyndy, I enjoy your posts, and I hope you don't stop. I contemplate stopping from time to time. The house projects tend to accumulate when I blog. They also accumulate when I don't blog, but not as much.

I just read another Just Up the Pike promotion for Swingtopia as well as the story in the Gazette. Interesting story about the Nestico arrangements. Did Doug play with the USAF Airmen of Note when they were in Bowie last month?

Cyndy said...

Thanks Mike! It's kind of odd, but some of my habits changed when I moved back into my house and I think I temporarily lost the urge for a few things because I suddenly didn't need them anymore or something. I've continued to photograph stuff with blog posts kind of in the back of my mind, but I don't seem to get around to it the way I used to. Maybe that'll change when I get less busy. I don't think I'm done quite yet.

Doug has been out of the Note for a while now, but two of our regular sax players, and actually all three of them in the videos, are current members.

LP said...

Come back, blog!