Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Groundhogs and Ghosts

Is it ever going to stop snowing? It's been so icy cold lately even when the sun finally decides to come out. I guess the weather feels like it needs to make up for the pleasantly mild winter we had last year.

Today was the birthday of my very favorite groundhog. We had a very low key celebration at the start of the day, which began shortly after midnight.

Last night I finally got a shot of the deer who lounge around in my back yard most nights. The one in the middle decided to get up when he saw my car. The one on the right seems to be completely unphased by the headlights aimed at him while he's relaxing on the ground. The one on the left is munching on my neighbor's azalea bush.

In my other backyard, my soon-to-be ex-backyard, I was attempting to take a picture of the Wolf Moon when a ghost suddenly appeared

And that somehow inspired me to go for an impressionistic effect instead.

I think I've been snorting too much drywall dust lately, or breathing too many paint fumes. I'm definitely starting to hallucinate again.


lacochran said...

Cool ghost! (Thanks for sharing your hallucinations.)

Bowie Mike said...

Love the ghost. Maybe you can convince one of those ghost hunting "reality" TV shows to come by. I love it when they say, "oh, oh, I detected a temperature change! Something is happening over here!"

Barbara said...

Deer have really become domesticated when they let you get that close.

Hope you are enjoying all the snow today. And hope you have no gigs until at least Sunday!

Cyndy said...

lacochran - Thanks for appreciating my hallucinations!

Mike - Maybe my camera detected a temperature change. I didn't see anything, but there it was on my screen.

Barbara - They certainly have become very complacent towards humans. I just hope they don't become aggressive one day. Fortunately I won't be losing any money this weekend because I wasn't making any to begin with.