Saturday, February 6, 2010


By about 4:oo we were tired of being cooped up and the snow seemed to be tapering off so we went outside and did four hours of shoveling. Well I did, anyway, because I was determined to make it out to the street. Doug pooped out and went in to cook some delicious black beans and rice.

I finally made it all the way out to the street so tomorrow we can go for a walk, or shovel some more and go work on our house.

With the life I've been living for the past three years, there's not been much point in caring how I look when I go out in public (which usually means Home Depot). That attitude served me well today when I devised these knee length waterproof shoe covers. The rubber bands even provide a little traction, and color. I used to have boots for the snow but that is one of the things I never got around to replacing. Anyway my feet stayed totally dry and warm - it was pretty amazing

It was great to be out in the fresh air and snow, getting some exercise after having worked in the basement for the past couple of weeks. It almost felt the same as skiing, except it was cheaper and not as much fun. But there was no risk of injury and the exercise felt good.

I think my car is more than halfway dug out. It'll nice to have options tomorrow instead of being totally trapped.

Here's the Cinderblock Chalet looking more attractive than usual in the snow. Look at all that snow on top of the trash can.


Bowie Mike said...

Love the "boots." When I was young, my mother used to line my boots with plastic bread bags - very embarrassing, but effective. Is the cinder block chalet on a major road? Even if we finish digging out here, we have yet to see a plow down our street. It would be nice to get out. There is a bit of stir-craziness at our house. I broke all parenting rules last night when I told my kids that I would pay them each $1 if they didn't fight for the rest of the night, and it worked!

lacochran said...

Those "boots" are a hoot! Classic and way chic! :)

Cyndy said...

Mike - I remember some kids with the bread bags on their feet. At least you weren't wearing them on the outside!

lacochran - You are too kind!

Barbara said...

What a great idea for snow "boots"! Are the plastic bags garbage bags? I have no snow boots and don't want to buy any, but I have plastic garbage bags and rubber bands.

Getting out is indeed liberating, until it dawns on you just how miserable it is to drive on streets that haven't been cleared or are falling apart.

Cyndy said...

They are 30 gallon trash bags and they come up to my knees. I've figured out now how to more attractively do the folds and discovered that the black kind with the red drawstrings allows you to make a nice bow in the front. Isn't that lovely? Ha Ha Ha!!!

If you actually do this, be sure to use plenty of thick rubber bands around your feet for extra traction. It really helps because the plastic can be dangerously slippery.

Kristin said...

The work never ends, huh? Great boots. I've seen a couple of people with plastic bags on the outside and plastic bags on the inside of their shoes. Ingenious.

(I've been living in my pink rubber rainboots. My feet hurt! They're not meant for 2+ weeks of wear.)

Cyndy said...

Kristin - I actually wore those things into Starbuck one day which is pretty sad. I was eyeing some blue rubber boots in a catalog recently but then decided to celebrate the end of snow season by not buying them. I guess they'd keep my feet dry, but there's probably not much arch support. That would kill me too after a while.