Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Faces

Today was an excellent work day over at the house. We've been working outside on our back porch all week and it's been mostly miserable working in the freezing cold. But today it was warm and we got a lot done. Our back porch is finally finished, except for the fans. As soon as all of the construction materials are cleared out of there I will post some pictures over at FoamCoreFantasy.

When Doug takes a break from working to answer the phone, I'm often left with nothing to do since it is my "job" to be at his beck and call. So I go off and take pictures to keep myself from going crazy with boredom.

Fortunately I am easily amused as I wander around my house and yard, wondering if we will actually ever get to live there again.

This fall I installed a whole bunch of knobs. The cabinets seem quite pleased to have received their eyes and mouths.

The outlets on the other hand, are somewhat worried because the electrician has not been here for at least a month even though there is plenty of work that still needs to be done.

I discovered a fox living in the floor of our spare bedroom!

And a man on my right shoe. These shoes have been through a LOT. I've washed them about six times, although obviously not recently. Lots of grass stains and paint there. I hope they hold out until we finish our house.

Moving out to the backyard, Kermit the Komposter was looking a little pensive today. I was going to give him a little more to eat but he hasn't digested last week's food yet. Hey, speaking of food, what's on that dead tree over there?

Schrooms! With ice caps on the mushroom caps. The snow still hasn't melted in the shady spots. Well fortunately my hallucinogenic powers are fully functional without any additional help, so I'll just leave those for the deer.

I am also wearing a happy face because I have three gigs tomorrow, which means I have a day off from sawdust, dirt, and exhaustion.



Bowie Mike said...

You should be congratulated for making progress on a house project in December. That's nearly impossible. I think I see paint on your sneakers that matches your front door. One of my old pair of sneakers is delegated to yard duty, and another pair is for indoor projects like painting.

lacochran said...

Wanna redo our kitchen?

Barbara said...

What in the world are you going to do with yourself when this house is all done? I keep thinking that's going to be any day. Is there an end in sight?

LP said...

What the outlets are thinking

Kristin said...

These pictures definitely make me smile. :) Thanks so much for sharing.

Cyndy said...

Mike - today is not going to be fun. It's freezing out there!

lacochran - hahahaha, sort of.

Barbara - Yes the day is in sight somewhere on the infinite horizon. Once we are finished there will be a period of time when it's definitely going to be all about me for a change. I have all along simply wanted to get back to my previous happy existence before it all was so rudely interrupted. But during the past three years I've become so accustomed to not being able to plan anything in my life at all that I don't feel ready to have expectations about what I might end up doing with myself next. I am just looking forward to whatever it might be.

Tom - heehee, you made me chuckle!

Thank you Kristin - I'm always happy when other people enjoy my attempts to keep myself amused.