Thursday, October 29, 2009

Phabulous Pho

Pho Real. Seriously, that's the name of my very phavorite pho place. Okay, I promise I'll stop with the phoolishness now. Oops, that was a PHAIL. I'm having way too much phun here.

Pho Real is located in the shopping center at the corner of Briggs Chaney and Old Columbia Pike in the outer reaches of Silver Spring. It is very attractively decorated and very clean, and the broth is always fresh and delicious, and never greasy. They serve it with basil, bean sprouts, jalapeno slices, and lime, which you can add as you see fit, along with the red chile sauces. I usually skip those because I like tasting the combination of basil, jalapeno, and lime with the broth without the distraction of hotness. I always put the bean sprouts in first so that they'll become as soft as the noodles. The summer rolls at Pho Real are also excellent.

And here's one more photo phor you. On the way there today, I spotted this cute out building on Briggs Chaney Road. I think it looks rather nice against the phall pholiage.


Bowie Mike said...

I like the pic of the out building.

We are not blessed in Bowie with the choices of ethnic foods that you have in MoCo. When I first moved to Maryland, we rented a place in Wheaton, and the former residents were the Pham family. One of the people in the family ran an audio/stereo mail order business out of the townhouse, and they called it Phamtastic Speakers, or something like the. We used to refer to them as the Pham Phamily, and I came across this vanity plate two days ago that reminded me of them.

My wife and I once tried out this sketchy looking Pho place in a strip mall on University Blvd. Nobody spoke English. We got takeout, and they handed us a container of broth and a big bag of what looked like mixed greens. We looked at each other like, "what are we supposed to do now?" Amateurs!

Barbara said...

Pho is definitely Vietnamese comfort phood!

Cyndy said...

Mike - That's a great story about the Pham Phamily! We used to go to that pho place in Wheaton back when we lived in our "real" house. There's a much nicer branch of the same restaurant in downtown Silver Spring. I remember being an amateur pho phan, and pho to go is definitely not the same experience as eating it there.

Barbara - Yes, it's a great alternative to chicken soup!

Brother Without Order said...

This is a weird thing to say, maybe, but you take really good shots of food. I couldnt imagine how to take them so they dont look like a commercial. You did. They look appetizing and artistic at the same time.

Cyndy said...

Garrett - I first started taking occasional pictures of meals in restaurants when I was on my cruise ship gig in Europe. I was kind of embarrassed because it's sort of a weird thing to do, but now I'm glad I did it because I can still remember how those particular meals tasted.

I'm sure if you were to photograph a meal it might look like a commercial because it would be so exquisite and perfect, which is what I like so much about your photos. I just kind of moved the paper napkins and the chopsticks out of the way and phocused on the phood.

Brother Without Order said...

Thank you thats very nice of you. I think it is a trait of us artists to see other peoples work as better then our own. I would normally be more self depricating but I am trying not to do that anymore. Thanks for the compliment.