Thursday, March 19, 2009

unbusy and unproductive

There's a beautiful song called Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most. I don't feel particularly hung up by Spring just yet - it's more like I'm hung up in spite of Spring. This week I am on spring break so I'm dealing or not dealing with my least favorite kind of schedule - the kind where I have lots to do and plenty of time to get it all done. I'm completely schedule-free for the most part. I should be happy that the treadmill has momentarily stopped and enjoy the flexible schedule.

So I have tons of work to do for school over the break and all kinds of time to do it for a change, but am I doing it? Not really. In the past few days I went for a walk, I went to a couple of movies at the AFI, I did all of my laundry, cleaned the parts of the house that have been driving me crazy, and I've been spending TONS of completely aimless time on the internet writing a bunch of long-winded comments on other people's blogs. I haven't done a thing yet that I really need to do.

But hey, now it's Thursday so the break is almost over, the weekend will be busier, and I'm starting to feel a little pumped with excitement at the prospect of having to rush through all of my work in order to do a decent job on it and still finish. And I have a rehearsal tonight which will probably be the most fun I've had all week.

So I guess I'll get started on my stuff tonight after the rehearsal. By then I'll be feeling more useful. I really hate being unbusy. It causes procrastination. I need structure!!! Or a REAL vacation.

I've been reading things this week that make me sad. On Monday some guy threw himself on the Metro tracks and was killed. But the news link said a man was killed by a Metro train and it was intentional. I wasn't quite sure what to make of that. I didn't know whether to be mad about a murderer or sad about a suicide. Then Natasha Richardson died as a result of a fall during a ski lesson on a beginner slope. She banged her head and 24 hours later she was dead. It was really kind of disconcerting to see her talk in her usual vivacious way on the presentation the AFI does on itself before the movie after just hearing that she had died.

I hit my head while skiing one time - and pretty hard too. I was skiing alone on my new skiis and zooming really fast straight down a slope that suddenly became much steeper than I was ready for and I wasn't leaning forward enough relative to my speed, so I ended up smacking the back of my head on the hill behind me. That's how steep the hill suddenly became. After the stars went away and I realized that I wasn't paralyzed from the neck down, I skiied rather shakily down to the bottom and drove myself home. That was probably a bad idea but I made it. No brain damage happened as far as I can tell.

Anyway, there she was, having fun and suddenly she's here one minute and gone the next. I feel so bad for her family having to deal with this so unexpectedly. And I don't feel particularly lucky about my skiing accident either. I feel more creeped out than anything. Life can be pretty unfair sometimes. I guess I should count my blessings.


Kristin said...

I don't do well with unbusyness. I've been accused of failing to relax. I do relax just not on other people's schedules or the lack thereof.

Have a great, busy weekend.

Barbara said...

I'm much more productive when I have a lot to do and a fixed schedule. I have become a master at wasting time over the past year or two. But I don't even feel badly about it and my stress level is at an all-time low. I might have actually traded in my Type A label for a B or a C.

Cyndy said...

Well the number of hours left in my vacation has finally decreased to the point where I'm actually getting some work done. Yaaay!

Unknown said...

Commenting on other people's blogs IS a worthwhile endeavor!

Natasha's story is amazing, amazingly sad. My heart breaks for everyone in her family, especially her sons.

I have never actually seen a film at the AFI. Worth the drive from Arlington to Silver Spring, or can one get his groove on equally well at Georgetown, Chinatown, and the Mazza Gallerie?

By the way, it would be nice if you opened your blog to comments from non-Google/blogger/Open Id people! I don't use google blogger or any of the other stuff, and I know I'm not alone.

Cyndy said...

Welcome Thinking Fool, and thanks for your comment! I didn't realize my comments weren't open to everyone. Now they are.

The AFI's main auditorium is huge, spacious, and clean, with a gigantic screen. The smaller theaters are a little bit lacking in ambiance, but they do have stadium seating. They serve beer, wine, and coffee drinks there in addition to the normal stuff. The popcorn is okay. We usually find street parking, but there are garages in the area that are free at night. The Silver Spring Metro Station is about two long blocks down Colesville Road.

They usually have two movies that you could see just as easily at the E Street Cinema or Bethesda Row and they are typically there for about a month. Then they have the AFI programming which is basically a series of mini film festivals featuring different directors, actors, countries, genres, etc.
The schedule for these films changes on a daily basis.

Last week I saw Fitzcarraldo and Grizzly Man in the main auditorium. I'm a fan of big movie screens in general, but especially for movies that feature the great outdoors.