Monday, March 9, 2009

my kind of day

Lately I've been feeling like I'm on a treadmill. The stuff I have to do never stops. It's really too bad I don't have time to get on a real treadmill. That would actually be fun - and good for me too!

Today was an excellent day. I was playing bass all day long so I'm all happy and unexhausted and my back feels great for a change. Poor Doug had to work over at the house all by himself today. Too bad. I'm tired of being tired. I needed a break. He likes working on the house so he can just keep doing it until he's finished.

Anyway, I played in the crazy time signature big band up in Baltimore from 11:00 until 1:00 and then played the 2:30 show of The Music Man at the Atlas Theater - sightreading=fun! Then I went with some orchestra people to the Argonaut and had a lovely Portobello mushroom sandwich and sweet potato fries, followed by a fabulous latte at Sova, my favorite H Street coffeehouse. Then we all went back and played the 7:00 show.

The Music Man is not really one of my favorite shows - it's kind of square or something - and not very "jazzy" but it does have some lovely bowed string parts, so I enjoyed it anyway.

The thing that really made my day happened during the opening scene where all of the travelling salesmen are riding the train to their next destination and reading newspapers while they ride. The guy in front who I could see from the pit had an old looking newspaper with a picture on the back of a kid with an afro. I thought that was kind of odd. It was a little too 1970s-looking for a show that supposedly takes place in 1912. Then I looked again and I swear that picture was of Michael Jackson when he was about 10 years old. And that is hilarious because Michael Jackson is originally from Gary, Indiana. Gary, Indiana is mentioned a lot in the show and there's even a song with that title.

So whenever you hear "Gary, Indiana" mentioned, are you reminded more of Michael Jackson, or the song from The Music Man? I guess it might depend on how old you are.

Here's the video from the movie, which features Ron Howard in his pre-Opie days and Shirley Jones in her pre-Partridge Family days. It's kind of adorable but it's also slightly cringe-worthy. Enjoy!


Kristin said...

I almost had the Portobello with sweet potato fries last night but went with the country salad.

I definitely think of Music Man over Michael Jackson with "Gary, Indiana; Gary, Indiana; Gary, Indiana!" running through my head.

Cyndy said...

I've had the country salad too - all of their food is so delicious! I wish they still had the salmon though.

It's easy for that song to get stuck in your brain with the accent on a different syllable each time.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I loved The Music Man when I was a little girl! But I wouldn't say I was very jazzy back then (or now really...)

rachaelgking said...

That made my day!!! I know all those songs- I played Gracie Shinn in 4th grade. Thanks for that!

Cyndy said...

Kate and LiLu - I agree, it is an excellent show. I was kind of commenting on it from a personal musical taste standpoint - but I still like it. I don't think I've played a single musical that I didn't like.

So I guess I'm alone with the Michael Jackson connection. I was definitely a fan up until "Thriller" and then after that he just got a little too strange for me. I had to let him go. But I really loved his voice and he was an absolutely amazing dancer.

LP said...

In junior high or high school I played Eulalie McKecknie Shinn, or however it's spelled. The mayor's wife.

When she was in junior high or high school my niece who looks just like me played Eulalie McKecknie Shinn (or however it's spelled).

Kind of weird, kind of cool.

Cyndy said...

So both of you led the reinactment of the Grecian urn? That must have been a lot of fun!

Other than playing Eeyore in the 6th grade, my earliest stage experiences were strictly operatic. Whoopdeedoo. My one "starring" role was when I played the spirit of Margarita ascending up into heaven via stairs that were hidden by a screen and swirling clouds of dry ice fumes. I got to wear the real Margarita's wig and her virginal blue dress from the first act. That was extremely exciting for the shy girl that I was. Then I was in the chorus for The Pearl Fishers and for Carmen. I was also in Riders to the Sea. Then finally I gave it all up for the orchestra pit.

Cyndy said...

I meant to say Marguerita from Faust. I spelled it like the drink and I left out the name of the show.

Barbara said...

Playing music and eating sweet potato fries definitely sounds better than working on the house that never gets finished. Gary, Indiana, is definitely all about The Music Man and not about Michael Jackson for me. After passing through, I find it somewhat amazing there is a song about it.

Cyndy said...

Okay, so I guess I'm the only one who associates Gary, Indiana with Michael Jackson. I wonder what that means?