Sunday, February 15, 2009

V is for....

..... The Virgin Lodge!!! Calling all virgins!!! Get your single rooms for only $47.00 a night. I thought it was especially funny to see this at the end of a very long Valentine's Day. We were heading down Route 1 last night on the way to Krispy Kreme after our gig at the Carlyle Club to obtain some celebratory hot ones when I spotted this sign.

So yesterday I gave my masters recital. It went pretty well I think. There was a good crowd there and they all seemed to be very enthusiastic. The band sounded great. I sounded okay, all things considered. I've had limited time to practice and the abuse that I've been subjecting my hands to over at the house continues to take its toll. But I laid off of physical work for the past week and they were feeling pretty good yesterday. Only a few more months and I might have a chance to actually get back in shape. Wouldn't that be nice? Anyway, the recital went well overall and I'm really glad to have it behind me.

I thought I had bought way too much food for the reception and I was completely delighted to discover that there was very little left over by the time everyone was gone because we had to go straight from there to our gig at the Carlyle Club and we couldn't really deal with a bunch of leftover food.

My feet were so tired by the end of the night that I thought they deserved some Krispy Kremes. Healthy eating resumes, I mean begins, today!

ALSO: Barbara came to the recital and wrote a really nice post about it here. And I just stole this picture from her post without permission, which her husband took on his iPhone without permission, hahaha!!! That's fair, right?


Barbara said...

Lack of permission all around is completely justified I think. I would kill for some hot Krispy Kremes. I can eat about a dozen!

Kristin said...

I love the lodge photo - I love that sort of thing. Though, I also enjoyed the unauthorized pic of your performance and Barbara's write up. I'm glad it went well, especially from your point of view.

[F]oxymoron said...

Cool photo capture. And I can't think of a more romantic place to break a prolonged streak of monogamy.

Maybe a the backseat of a car. But that is only cause gas prices are still somewhat affordable.

bozoette said...

I'm about 40 years too late for the Virgin Lodge, but who's counting! Congrats on your recital!

rachaelgking said...

Congrats! It looks absolutely lovely.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

What a great picture! You should have some of your stuff printed as cards. You find such wonderful images.

Cyndy said...

Barbara - When we arrived the hot sign was not on yet, but the hot ones were rolling on out. Disgust melt-in-your mouth goodness!

Kristin - I'm always highly amused when I see signs like that. I always regard it as a secret humorous message from above. I enjoyed Barbara's write up as well.

Foxy - Welcome! I think sneaking someone into a single room at the Virgin Lodge might be more romantic than the back seat of a car. But the car might be cleaner.

Bozoette - Yeah, they wouldn't let me in there either.

Lilu - Thanks! Wait, are you talking about the hotel or the recital hall?

Kate - Thank you, when I have time for a new hobby maybe I'll consider it. But it's always been kind of fun to just take the pictures and throw them up here with no additional follow-through, so who knows.