Sunday, January 25, 2009

Water Tower, Final Installment

I'm kind of running out of material here, so I'm going to wrap up the water tower "series" with this photo of the one in Montgomery Hills. Sorry, Scenic Wheaton, no calendar for you!

I'm happy that this shot includes a prominent view of Armand's Chicago Pizzeria. This has been my favorite pizza place since I was about nineteen. And just how long has that been? Um, anyway, deep dish pizza is decadently delicious!

And here's a little sunrise shot. The sky is the only good thing happening at that time of day, if you ask me. I was not happy to be awake then. The sky made it much better.


Barbara said...

You running out of material? Impossible. What's happening at This Old House right now? Any plans to move back in any time soon?

rachaelgking said...

Great. Now I'm hungry.

I kid, I kid. Lovely, as always.

Cyndy said...

There's lots happening at the house right now, but I'm too worn out to talk about it.

And now I'm hungry too. I'm going to take that picture down!

Scenic Wheaton said...

I know that water tower! Alas, I also had to abandon plans for the 2009 Scenic Wheaton Calendar. I just couldn't top the 2008 version and had to do a blog instead.