Monday, December 29, 2008

dirty and tired...and tired of being dirty

I have no life. I've spent the past week covered in fiberglass and drywall dust. It's gross. I hate getting all dirty. I can't stand it. People look at me funny when I go up to MacDonalds to use the restroom. The only place where I feel that I look acceptable is at the dump. I love the dump. I can get rid of nasty dirty pieces of junk. People don't look at me funny there. I have to wear a dust mask all day long. That is uncomfortable. It's too humid around my mouth when I wear a dust mask. When the dust clogs the outside of the mask it feels like I'm being smothered and I start to gag. Yuck. Clearly I wasn't cut out for this lifestyle, that's all there is to it.

Today started out nicely enough though. I got up and washed my hair and it stayed clean for five whole hours while I played my brunch gig. I love my brunch gig so much more than I love working on my house. It's such a wonderful escape from life's daily trials. I escape easily, or perhaps I should say I amuse myself easily. Today while playing I began to notice some rather interesting things in the floor tile at my brunch gig. Am I hallucinating again?

This little dude's hairdo reminds me of Kid'n'Play from the early '90s.

A couple of ladies - can you see them?

Kermit, is that you?

Look, a little fishy!

and Mr. Hippopotamus



Anonymous said...

OK, slowly back away from the house....then turn around and run like hell!

Barbara said...

I think you're losing it! I too can always see faces in just about any irregular surface. I was just wondering the other day if I could actually draw the face I saw. Probably not.

Aren't you almost done with the house? This has got to be the truest test of any relationship ever. If you guys stick together until the housewarming, I think you're good for life.

Cyndy said...

SLS - You crack me up! But I'm in way to deep to turn and run now. In the worst case scenario I'm looking at all of this hard work as an investment in my divorce settlement!!!
Hahahaha!!! Just kidding.

Barbara - I am losing it. But it won't be for too much longer, relatively speaking. I'm documenting our progress over at www.foamcorefantasy.blogspot. com if you want to see how far along we are. This month coming up will be an exciting one, progress-wise.

We got only two hours of sleep last night (plus a nap this afternoon)but we got everything completely cleaned up and ready in time for the finishers today. What a relief! The next few days will be easy - we just have to stay out of their way. Maybe we'll get back to finishing the outside trim.

Kristin said...

I've been hallucinating for weeks. Sleep deprivation. I can totally see pictures in your tiles!