Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I've been living my life at a reduced capacity for three years now, due to this house project that Doug wanted to undertake and I did not. In an effort to be supportive, I have basically put my life on hold until we can move back into our house. I wanted to have the insurance company rebuild our house because that would have been the quickest and least complicated way to deal with the situation. But in "our" world, apparently, uncomplicated is unacceptable.

So when Doug goes off on short tours and cruises that pay less than what he would make if he had stayed home, I look at it as kind of an unfair delay in our progress. During the past three years I've had to turn down offers for ship gigs in Europe, the Pacific islands and Australia, and a long term hotel gig in Dubai, all for the sake of getting our house being finished "quickly." I knew all along that it wouldn't be finished in another two months, which is what Doug has been telling everyone all these years. I guess realistic is also negative. That's me alright.

Anyway, I hope he returns all fresh and rested and ready to get back to work on the outside of the house before it gets any colder, because it's not fun working outside in the cold and the wind.

Then we can do all of the drywall in the basement and all of the door and window trim upstairs, and then before you know it, we'll be back in our house. Yaaaaay!!!!!

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