Friday, October 10, 2008

lots and lots of music

The weekend has barely gotten started and I'm exhausted already. Hopefully by the time it's over, I'll be exhilarated. I've been back at work over at the foamcorefantasy house now that I can wear an actual pair of shoes, but I've really gotten used to not working on the house during the past seven weeks. We're still putting up siding, and the backyard "pets" are still in abundance.

Tonight I heard a wonderful concert featuring vocalist Gretchen Parloto and bassist/vocalist Esperanza Spaulding. They were both amazing, but Esperanza completely blew me away. She is phenomenal and inspiring.

Tomorrow morning I'm subbing on a Sweeney Todd rehearsal, putting up some more siding, playing another little gig, then I'm going to try to make David Sanborn's late set at Blues Alley if they put me on the list. (I know someone in the band - ha ha ha, actually I know at least 3 people in the band!)

Sunday I've got my brunch and then I'm heading down to Twins to hear pianist Leslie Pintchik. She's great and so is her bass-playing husband. Then I'll probably stay up really late getting ready for my class on Monday.


Scenic Wheaton said...

how's that foot doing?

Cyndy said...

According to the podiatrist, it has made an excellent recovery but I have to gradually ease back into wearing shoes and doing normal things like taking walks, climbing ladders, mowing the grass, and playing a 4 hour stand up gig. So far I'm up to 8 hours of shoe time. My foot doesn't feel totally normal, but it definitely does feel more better each day. And best of all, it doesn't hurt the way it did for the first few weeks after I broke it. So I guess I'm cured. Yaay! The doctor said I probably would not need physical therapy, but that it would be more obvious in a month.

Cyndy said...

more better...nice! A couple of beers and all of a sudden I don't bother to proofread.

Barbara said...

It sounds like you have bounced back in rare form! Should we be getting ready for a housewarming or is the completion date not yet in sight?

I envy your life where music permeates almost everything you do (I suppose there's nothing musical about putting up siding...)

Mo said...

Awww...your yard looks like a Disney cartoon.

Cyndy said...

Barbara - I finally realize that I will not be able to predict when we will be able to move back in. For progress reports you can visit

Mo - Yeah, it's a veritable animal kingdom out there in the backyard these days. The wildlife has increased noticeably ever since we moved out.