Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Beautiful Clouds

Sometimes the best way to escape the heat in DC is to just leave town, which I was lucky enough to do today. The clouds were absolutely beautiful. I pretended they were big globs of snow and it really cooled me off.

Later I got a little bored. Fortunately they brought snacks and I was able to amuse myself with that. As you can see, I'm easily amused.
The farther we got from DC, the colder it got. Eventually the windows
became rather icy.

At the transfer point in St. Louis I was able to take a video of my bass coming out of the cargo hold. As usual it was lying bridge side down. Fortunately the case is designed for that type of treatment. My bass has flown about twenty times without incident, but I still worry about it.


Barbara said...

You must hold your breath every time you open that case on a trip! Putting your bass in the cargo hold has to be just as bad as putting your dog there.

Reya and I would love to meet you. If you're up for coffee or a bite to eat together, send me an e-mail at

Cyndy said...

Those guys were relatively gentle. I have an even scarier video from Chicago Midway which I will post in a bit.
Thanks for the invitation - it would be fun to meet you guys. I'll shoot you an email soon.

Barbara said...

My friend Bill who plays for the NSO tells horror stories about seeing his bass manhandled by airline employees. I would have to think long and hard about taking along something that valuable if it weren't absolutely necessary.

Cyndy said...

Tell Bill I'm still playing that bass he brought down for me from New York back in 1993. He has some seriously valuable instruments in his collection. I would definitely think twice before I took a bass of that value on the road, on an airplane, or on a cruise ship.

The only time my bass has ever been injured was when I was simply driving to a gig in DC and ended up being car number three in a four car accident. The trunk would have definitely saved my bass from being destroyed. Although it took nearly 8 months, my bass made an excellent recovery thanks to David Gage who is, coincidentally, the maker of my travel trunk.