Thursday, May 1, 2008

Amazing April

I don't know what was up last month. I had an astounding total of 33 gigs which is at least twice as many as I usually have. In addition I also did some big band rehearsals and played a concert with the Friday Morning Music Club Orchestra for fun. (no pay). I played jazz gigs at Lia's, the Carlyle Club, and the Market Inn. I played with a swing band at Glen Echo. I did 3 dates with the Harry James Orchestra. I played 7 concerts with a guitarist at various retirement communities. I played a recording session and 3 different musicals. This month might actually beat the entire year of 2007. Amazing.

I'm really loving the quantity and the variety of music I'm playing right now, but unfortunately my time spent working on the house is way down lately as a result of all of these gigs. So in spite of it all, I feel a little guilty. But I also feel very peppy and physically unexhausted since I'm not working on the house as much. And my hands feel great!

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