Thursday, March 13, 2008

Naming My Blog

In general I’ve always hated making up titles for things I write. But this thing has to have a name, I guess. The first title I came up with was LIFE IN LIMBO, which applies pretty well to me right now. But it sounded way too similar to the title of the main blog that I read nearly every day, which is called Looking2Live.

Then I came up with WAITING FOR DOUG-O. I thought that was kind of funny, and Doug liked it too, especially after I told him it was a spoof version of the title of the fairly well-known play and movie, WAITING FOR GODOT, which he had never heard of. He’s a trombone player, what can I say? Anyway, the waiting, in both instances, is rather similar in both the movie and in my life, for those of you who know both of us. Doug was actually kind of disappointed when I told him that I’d changed my mind about naming my blog after him. There’s something not quite right about having only your husband’s name in a blog that is supposedly mostly about you. It almost happened though. I had already written the little explanatory blurb and everything. So in honor of Doug here it is, for posterity:

A little dyslexic humor here…Waiting and Doug both continue to be key things in my life - sometimes simultaneously, sometimes not. The main thing I am waiting for right now is to move back into my house. I truly believe that day will eventually arrive. Until then I wait….

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, that was definitely super corny. Corny, but true. Okay, enough about him already!

So PHOTOCYNTHESIS, which I know is kind of boring, ended up being the name. It's because there are photos, there is me, there is writing, and it’s all a process, even if it is misspelled. So as dull a name as it is, it applies and that is what my blog will be called. Maybe I’ll come up with something better later on.

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