Thursday, October 6, 2005

"In The Mood" Fall Tour, Part Two

The next bunch of shows were in the following cities:
September 28th: Yankton, SD
September 29th: Cedar Rapids, IA
September 30th: Austin, MN
October 1st: Detroit Lakes, MN
October 2nd: Grand Rapids, MN
October 4th: Watertown, SD

I've been to Cedar Rapids a few times before. The downtown area is nice and across the river is Czech Village. It's kind of cool to see an entire section of town maintaining some of their cultural traditions. Cities on the east coast have Chinatown and Little Italy, along with some orthodox Jewish neighborhoods. Most of the rest of the other European countries have all blended together, but in the midwest there are pockets of mostly Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Czech, and many others, I'm sure. It's kind of interesting to see how the different groups have either concentrated themselves or blended into the rest of the population.

It was a moonlit night. Or perhaps I should say the glass door by the telephone pole was adorned by a pair of loins, courtesy of one of our trumpet players.
The bridge over to Czech Village was adorned by a pair of lions.

I like this window display better than the display in the first window.

Drinking coffee and waiting for the bus. Speaking of lions, I mean loins, the proud owner of the pair of lions, I mean loins, is sitting right there enjoying his coffee.

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