Monday, June 29, 2009


While I have plenty of rabbits, squirrels, and deer in my back yard in Silver Spring, over in Herndon they have foxes!

Here's a short video of him in action:


And speaking of things with red hair, here's my nephew making his YouTube debut with a movement from a Boccherini Cello Concerto.

And here he is playing it with his school orchestra.


bozoette said...

We have a little fox who visits us in Burtonsville. I'm glad he likes cat food better than cats AS food!

lacochran said...

Nice tail.

On the fox.

Heck, you figure it out.

Cyndy said...

bozoette - I think I saw a picture of your little fox that you posted a while back. He was cute! If you are still feeding him, you'd better not leave any shoes outside. I heard they like to steal shoes.

lacochran - I agree. The fox has a nice tail. Thank you for clarifying ;)

Bowie Mike said...

I see them every now and then in Bowie. One made her den underneath a shed in a backyard in a nearby neighborhood - a good mile away from any woods.

Cyndy said...

Mike - It's fun to see them, but I hope they don't get too bold in their suburban meanderings.

Kristin said...

I never see them on the Hill, but I'm waiting.

Barbara said...

We have a fox who casually saunters through our yard (well inside the Beltway) on a regular basis. We also have a coyote.

Your nephew is really good. There must be a lot of music genes in your family.

Cyndy said...

Kristin - I would be really surprised if a fox ever showed up on Capitol Hill, but I did see an opossum at 3rd and D, SW one time last year, so I guess you never know.

Barbara - Wow, an actual coyote! That's a little scary. My nephew has done very well on the cello thanks to hard work, an excellent instructor, and talent. Interestingly he is thinking about majoring in classics, ie Latin, when he goes to college next year.

Garrett said...

I like that I live in DC but can see wildlife so easily. I get a lot of racoons in my yard along with birds and squirels but no foxes. I know nothing about classical music but your nephew sounds good to me. He seems very comfortable with himself and the instrument. At least thats how he comes across.

Bowie Mike said...


A man here in Bowie was attacked by a rabid fox two weeks ago. You can read the story here. A local resident also wrote about a recent incident where he had six foxes in his front year during a recent night.