Sunday, July 10, 2011

irritation of the day

Why in the world is "chillax" floating around in my head today?  As in "Maybe I should just chillax instead of trying to get in two hours of grass mowing before my concert this afternoon."  I repeat - How did that word manage to implant itself in my brain?  Well at least it's not nearly as bad as "fantabulous"  which people used to say all the time but my super snotty younger self would never stoop to using.  I do think "chillax" is slightly cooler than "fantabulous" but I don't think I would intentionally say either of them out loud unless I was being facetious.  So go away, chillax, and stop being an earworm in my brain.  Sheesh!

chillax, chillax, chillax, chillax, chillax, chillax, chillax.
There, maybe it's gone now.
I'm off to mow the grass.


MyCatTom said...

Blog blog blog! You are back!

Barbara said...

I just realized you are really writing like crazy this month! I'm a little too jetlagged to take it all in, but I will return soon.

As for liriope, I loved ours when it was planted but it is taking over all the beds and looking very unkempt. It's hard to keep it under control.

Cyndy said...

Tom Tom Tom! I am back!

Hi Barbara - Yes I am writing like a crazy person this month. I just finished a major rant over on the other blog, appropriately titled "Foam Core Fantasy" at We'll see how long this self-imposed phase of daily blogging lasts. I don't know how you people do it!