Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lunch with Looking2Live

On Monday I had lunch with Barbara from Looking2Live. She is just as cool in person as she is on her blog. It was very interesting to finally meet one of my "imaginary friends" which how I tend to think of these people whose blogs I read. I've always felt kind of shy about communicating with most of them so I just read what they've written about what they've been up to and that's that. But with Barbara it was a little different because we have a friend in common and when Barbara showed up at one of our concerts, I thought I recognized her from her picture and it was a little too weird to just let that go.

In case you find this sort of thing interesting, here are links to the posts that eventually led up to our having lunch yesterday: This one , this one, and this one. Because we seem to have so many similar interests, I have basically became totally addicted to reading her blog. And we actually have even more random things in common than she might realize, including choral singing, a thyroid surgeon, and paddleboating.

Since I have been without a TV for the past three years, I've spent a lot more of my "lazy" time surfing the internet. And I am lazy - I haven't made very many links to other blogs yet and only about half of my links come back to my original post. Plus, my daily blog-reading routine pretty much consists of going to Barbara's blog and clicking on all the blogs she's linked to. You'd think by now I'd have my own damn list.

But she makes it so easy - what can I say - she's got good links! I read about half of her favorite links, along with a few additional links from the original ones. I really enjoy the huge variety of writing styles and lifestyles that I get to read about. It's a million times more interesting than watching TV, that's for sure!


Barbara said...

Little did I know about our other shared "interests", although I thought I might have detected a faint thyroid scar. Next time we will have to cover choral singing, thyroid absence, and paddleboating.

This is the sort of connection that keeps me addicted to Blogging!

P.S. You are probably a more faithful reader of my links than I am these days...

Kellyann Brown said...

I read a few of Barbara's links if I have spare time after reading my family links.

Barbara must be a nice as she seems!

What a cool connections!

Melissa said...

I'm curious--is the whole "no television" thing a choice? I was actually raised without TV, and at the time, I thought my parents were horrible, horrible people for denying me the Simpsons and...well, whatever drivel was popular in the 80s, but now I want to kiss their feet for keeping the tube off.

cyndy said...

Barbara - I am currently more addicted to reading blogs than I am to writing them.

KellyAnn - yes Barbara is not only nice, but she also has nice links!

Melissa - I haven't had a TV for about 3 years. We just didn't get around to replacing it. I occasionally watch TV when I'm in hotels, just to see what I've been missing and I don't think I have been missing much.

Kristin said...

The connections are great, whether or not I meet the person on the other side of the screen.